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Isa is a Master Holistic Aesthetician who has been perfecting her craft for 18 years. Her personal and intuitive approach to her practice leaves clients with an experience beyond glowing skin. Isa’s customized approach to skincare includes cellular health packages, organic facials, microdermabrasion, microneedling, gua sha, and more! Isa is more than an aesthetician; she is a healer and teacher. Isa serves all men and women looking to activate wellness and beauty from the inside out!




Marine Flower Peptide Facial 100$

This facial combines botanical peptides and sustainably sourced algae extracts to target the visible signs of aging for more rejuvenated, lifted, firmer looking skin.

Ageless Vitamin C Facial 100$

Brighten, tighten and protect your skin from the elements with this Vitamin C facial. Packed with juicy citrus and fresh wholefoods ingredients to deliver your skin healthy vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

Energizing Gemstone Facial 100$

Uplift your senses and bring positivity your way with an energizing gemstone facial. Through gua sha, natural gemstones work in harmony with potent botanicals and actives to reveal balanced, energized, glowing skin.

Arctic Berry Illuminating Facial 100$

Discover a glowing, luminous complexion with this decadent facial that utilizes potent Arctic Berry to deeply exfoliate and improve the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin. This is an active and deeply exfoliating treatment. Optimum results are achieved with a series of 3-6 treatments.

Microdermabrasion 100$

This non-chemical and non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment provides effective exfoliation and rejuvenation of the superficial layers of the skin. Improve the production of collagen and elastin, treat light scarring, and reduce the appearance of large pores.

Microneedling 375$

This highly effective treatment jump starts healing and stimulates collagen production. Powerful plant peptides and nrf2 ingredients are applied to maximize results. For ultimate benefit, a series of three to six treatments are recommend. We recommend spacing each session 4-6 weeks apart as each treatment continues to improve skin for up to 90 days. Pricing includes a post care kit (3 tx supply).

Dermaplane 70$

This mechanical exfoliation resurfaces and reveals a smoother, softer, more radiant skin. Our most popular skin ritual uses fruit enzymes to soften and remove the top layer of skin. The sterile blade removes unwanted peach fuzz. Gentle and perfect for most skin types. Experience better product penetration, increased cell-turnover and a smooth canvas for makeup.

Cellular System Packages

Address aging from a cellular level with our activation products.  A complete system will be custom designed for you with your specific concerns at the forefront.  Activate remarkable!  This system includes a 90 day supply of Activated Collagen. 

Facial Packages & Membership

The best results come from a consistent routine. Buy in bulk to save!


All Organic Facials 100$ ea | 6 for 540$ (includes one free Enhancement Service value 25$)

Microdermabrasion 100$ ea | 6 for 540$

Microneedling 375$ ea | Purchase three get one FREE

Activated Aesthetics Membership Program 99$ per month

Receive one facial per month (of membership value). Exclusive product specials, complimentary birthday month dermaplane, insider to spa promotions.

Lashes & Brows

$Brow Flip & Tint (with wax)  90$
In our brow flip, we realign the natural brow hairs into your desired shape, then laminate them into place. This treatment tames unruly, messy brows and gives the illusion of increased volume and fullness. *For added fullness and definition, we recommend adding a Brow Tint and Brow Shaping to amplify results and complete your look. Results last up to 8 weeks.

Lash Lift & Tint   90$
Lifted, low-maintenance lashes that will last up to 8 weeks. Your natural lashes are into an eye-opening curl and then tinted for the appearance of thickness. This is an excellent alternative to lash extensions for clients with very sensitive eyes, that prefer less maintenance with a natural, enhanced look.

Brow Tint  18$
This innovative formula helps to strengthen hair, restore growth and the natural shape of the eyebrows. The coloring agents are derived from a Henna plant or Henna tree. The higher the quality of henna is derived when extracted from the leaves and flowers of the henna plant and offers far more superior skin stain or brow coloration.

Lash Tint  20$
A safe, semi-permanent lash dye enhances natural lashes and gives the eyes a beautiful “pop”.

Hair Removal

Eyebrow 20$
Lip 15$
Chin 15$
Lip & Chin 25$
Ears or Nose 15$
Brazilian 65$
Modified Bikini 50$
Basic Bikini 40$
Underarm 30$
Arms Full / Half 40$ / 25$
Leg Full / Half 65$ / 40$
Full Back or Chest 55$ +

Enhancement Services

Dermaplane 40$

This mechanical exfoliation resurfaces and reveals a smoother, softer, more radiant skin. Our most popular skin ritual removes the top layer of dead, crusty skin cells and unwanted peach fuzz. Gentle and perfect for most skin types. Experience better product penetration, increased cell-turnover and a smooth canvas for makeup.

Age Corrective Instant Eye Lift and Gua Sha Facial Contouring 25$

Gemstone eye massage, paired with powerful plant peptides firm and brighten the delicate eye area. Puffiness and dark circles are reduced, and the eye area is left lifted and visibly brighter. Gua sha massage stimulates microcirculation of the soft tissue, which increases blood flow and reduces inflammation.

Hand Remedy 25$

Remove dry, dead skin with dermaplane and re-introduce moisture and hydration. A must for frequently washed, weather exposed hands.

Plumping Lip Treatment 25$

Exfoliate, plump, and re-hydrate the lips. Gentle fruit enzymes lift away dry, dead skin, while active plant stem cells strengthen and firm the delicate lip area. Finishing with Eminence Citrus Lip Balm leaves the lips soft and smooth.

Scalp Rescue 25$

Nourish your scalp to maintain a normal balance of microflora and support normal growth and healthy looking hair with nrf2 ingredients. A jade comb further assists in activated healing and relaxation.


True stories from true clients

For me, what I noticed almost immediately with Isa was that she is very
authentic and sincerely wants to make you feel special because she
thinks you are special. She also provides a very high end experience.
I’ve had many facials thru the years but, my facial with Isa was different, the products, process and her ability to make me feel comfortable and pampered is a unique gift. That coupled with how good my skin looked and felt, afterwards, was the perfect combination. My husband literally said I looked 10 years younger! 



I had my first facial with Isa and it was amazing! My skin felt so smooth
and refreshed afterwards. Isa’s attention to what you need is spot on. I
highly recommend Isa to take care of all your skincare needs! 


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