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LifeVantage specializes in a new science called Nutrigenomics; researching, testing, and creating products to address the biochemical effects of aging, with the ultimate goal of biohacking the human body to live longer – much, MUCH longer.

In plain English – we agree with leading researchers that extending human life is inevitable, but we believe in order to enjoy that increased lifespan, we need to lengthen our healthspan. This science doesn’t just help you feel good, it lets you enjoy life—which also helps you feel good.


One of the main biochemical effects of aging is oxidative stress. Which causes your cells to start wearing down. We’re reversing the process. In fact, in a recent study, the United States National Institute of Aging found that in male mice Nrf2 was the only supplement scientifically proven to increase lifespan by 7 percent. Not to boast, (well maybe a little) but we are pretty proud of that.


But we didn’t stop there. The second biochemical effect of aging is mitochondrial decline. Basically your cells lose power. You need that power so that your organs can work efficiently, you can think clearly, and your body can act when it is called upon. When your cells have the power to do their thing, you feel better and you live longer. We’re boosting mitochondrial production so you can keep that cellular energy for as long as possible. Allowing you to keep doing your thing, whatever that thing is.


We believe working to extend life comes with a responsibility to make that life worth living. And in that, physical and financial health go hand in hand. We’re giving people both with groundbreaking products and the best entrepreneurial vehicle around. No lattes or ping-pong, just the freedom to work on your own terms. Sharing products you’ve had a personal experience with.


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We’re a wellness and personal care company that believes your products are only as good as the science they stand on.


SUCCESS YOUR WAY. You define it. You design it.

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Whether you’re looking for some extra pocket money or a full-time gig, we give you the platform and tools you need to start your business. It’s time to scratch that entrepreneurial itch.

Build your own business without the anxiety.

We take the fear out of the unknown with a training and support system designed to help you hit the ground running and build a successful business. From personal mentors and support groups to training events and 24/7 customer support, you have all the help you need.

Stop trading your time for money. Earn leveraged income.

In a traditional model your income is directly limited by the hours you work. When you share LifeVantage products you earn leveraged income — you get paid every time your customer reorders. In other words, time spent developing a customer a few months back can still be filling your wallet today.

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