Julie J.

My husband and I signed up for Isa’s AntiGravity Fitness class, and after two sessions we joined her for a week of practice at The Retreat Costa Rica. Her warmth and enthusiasm is an absolute joy to be around. The serenity in Isa’s guidance places us in both a mental and physical state of well-being. We value her as a special friend. Thank you for the new beginning!

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Libby F.

The experience of being gently guided by Isa in the AntiGravity experience has been transformational ... from my initial fear of inversion to a growing trust in not only my security but the joy of connecting with my body. I've experienced strength of body, mind and joy. Isa loves life and shares a fresh and supportive experience!


Katie K.

I took Isa’s AntiGravity Fitness class several months ago. I knew immediately that I needed to incorporate this experience into my yoga practice. It was the most beautiful yoga experience I have ever had. I had never felt the kind of expansion and release in my hips and back in my other yoga practice like I did from AntiGravity. Isa is a wonderful instructor who brings encouraging energy, positivity and love to every session. I always look forward to taking her class!


Susan H.

To say I was intimidated, would be an understatement. I had never heard of an AntiGravity Fitness class, much less tried it. Isa immediately made me feel comfortable and safe. It was amazing how the postures helped me move with ease in ways I didn't know I could. The entire experience was invigorating, enlightening and profoundly liberating. I am so grateful that my personal path crossed with yours, Isa!