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Kick-start or continue your wellness journey in the company of other like-minded travelers with one of our carefully handpicked group wellness retreats.

These group wellness retreats take place in various retreat locations across the world on set dates throughout the year and usually tend to focus on a specific wellness theme such as yoga, fitness, detox, meditation or emotional healing. They are small and intimate (usually no larger than 15 people), include a wide variety of activities, classes and treatments and are led by the very best experts in their respective fields who will impart their knowledge upon you throughout the time you are there on retreat. 

If you think you are interested in undertaking a group wellness retreat click here to set up a meeting to discuss your needs and find the perfect retreat.


Undertaking a wellness retreat on your own can be a truly life affirming experience, but sharing the evolution and changes one may undergo during a wellness retreat with other people can be an equally rewarding experience too. One major benefit of group wellness retreats is that you have other people around you to push you to your very limits when necessary and also to keep you heading firmly in the right direction if you start to lose your way on your retreat. Who knows you may leave the retreat having made friendships that will last a lifetime.

2020 Wellness Retreats



Tuscany, ITALY - spring 2020

Are you looking to REVITALIZE your body and REBALANCE your mind?  Join me in AMAZING Tuscany for a week of HEALING!  Experience the physical transformation from (w)holistic wellness and nurture your mind, body and soul at the awe inspiring Il Tesoro. This seven night curated experience will take you through daily AntiGravity practice, traditional yoga, hiking, Italian cooking classes, farm to table cuisine, Italian lessons and more!

Book now as space is limited!

Like all of my retreats, there are planned activities and plenty of free time to relax and decompress. For those who want more solo time to disconnect, that’s up to you. Everything listed below is included and optional. This retreat is for YOU so use your time as you wish!

  • 7 nights accommodations

  • Three daily organic delicious meals, two glasses regional wine, nutritious drinks and healthy snacks

  • Daily Meditation and Yoga Classes

  • Day trip to the ancient hilltop town of Orvieto

  • Wine tour with cheese pairing

  • An authentic Italian Cooking Class

  • A fun "Crash Course" in Italian language and culture

  • Nature hike in enchanted forest of Sasetto

  • Full use of chlorine free swimming pool


Coming Soon: Double Occupancy
Coming Soon: Single Occupancy


Airfare and Gratuity

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Your Adventure awaits!

Sample Itinerary

Pick up from Airport
Arrival to Borgo di campagna Il Tesoro and afternoon check-in
630p Welcome Cocktail
7p Dinner at Il Tesoro

830a Breakfast
11a Italian language and culture lesson
1p Olive Grove picnic lunch at Il Tesoro
Free time
7p dinner “Flavors of the Countryside” at Il Tesoro

8a Breakfast
1030a Nature Walk and Yoga in enchanted forest of Sasseto
1p lunch at Il Tesoro
Free time
Shopping at custom leather shop Bottega Conticelli
730p Dinner at Il Tesoro

8a Yoga class
9a Breakfast 
11a Visit of ancient hilltop town Orvieto
1p lunch on own in Orvieto
430p Wine and Cheese tasting at Neri Vineyard
730p Dinner at Il Tesoro