Catching Dreams

What we think we become.  What we dream we create.  I slept under this very dream catcher and a million stars at The Retreat Costa Rica, the exquisitely beautiful healing space created by Diana Stobo.  I have always believed that I can create what I want in my life.  Yet like so many of us, my "protective persecutor" has at times told me to stay small, to not grow, to not dare to live the life I know I am here to live.  I met several beautiful souls during my trip to Costa Rica, people who once had to feel broken in order to push them to live their dream.  From a successful chef and writer, to a European restauranteur, to a nature loving professional skier... These souls dared to build their dreams here in Costa Rica.  They have each created beautiful spaces that reflect their individual stories, that welcome in other seekers.  I can see the dreams I am now living in the web of this lovely catcher.  Dreams do not need to be grand to be recognized.  Cultivating a wholehearted life.  This is the work.  To achieve it is the dream.