As a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Isa is the owner of AKASA yoga + lifestyle, a Nutrigenomics Advocate and travelling AntiGravity Fitness Instructor.

In traditional yoga philosophy the word “Akasa” means “ether” or “space,” and refers to the fifth element of the human body. By cultivating an increased connection to ourselves and honoring  our bodies by way of a yoga lifestyle rooted in self-love and balance, we rise to live in the space where we find
our best, most authentic selves.

AKASA yoga + lifestyle acts as a personal sanctuary, giving you the instruments to connect, elevate, and transcend. I founded AKASA yoga + lifestyle on the principle that wholeness and wellness come from having the freedom to be who we truly are. I believe you are beautiful and deserve to feel  whole – and I understand the journey it takes to get ourselves there. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1999, desperate to reconnect with the body I felt had betrayed me, and seeking inner peace, it was through rehabilitation that I discovered yoga – and how to love myself again. Movement  became the catalyst for healing my mind and body, and as my practice expanded I was eventually led to aerial yoga. The moment I was off the ground, I felt I was defying all odds. There was a metaphor at play; I was not just figuratively, but literally transcendent.  I felt a deep calling to share this freedom with others, and earned my teaching certificate in AntiGravity Fitness in 2014.

Now, with AKASA yoga + lifestyle, it is my goal to extend the transformative experience of aerial yoga to you through retreats, workshops, and teachings, and equip you with all of my favorite essentials to help you explore and deepen your practice.